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Business courses offer essential knowledge in entrepreneurship, finance, marketing, management, and strategy, empowering individuals to excel in the corporate world.

Health & Psychology

Health & Psychology courses equip learners with insights into wellness, mental health, human behavior, and counseling, fostering personal growth and professional expertise.


Accounting courses provide expertise in financial analysis, bookkeeping, taxation, and auditing, preparing learners for rewarding careers in finance and accounting.

Science & Technology

Science & Technology courses cover diverse fields like computer science, engineering, biology, and data analytics, empowering learners to drive innovation and progress.

Art & Media

Art & Media courses explore creativity in design, photography, film, writing, and journalism, fostering expression and preparing individuals for dynamic creative careers.

Real Estate

Real Estate courses provide expertise in property management, sales, appraisal, and investment, enabling learners to succeed in the lucrative real estate industry.


Language courses offer comprehensive learning in diverse languages, improving communication skills and enhancing cultural understanding for global interactions and opportunities.

Web & Programming

Web & Programming courses cover coding languages, web development, app creation, and software engineering, empowering learners to excel in tech-related careers.

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Web Master

Web Master courses provide expertise in web design, development, SEO, and maintenance, equipping learners to manage and optimize websites effectively.

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Business & Accounting

Business & Accounting courses offer essential skills in finance, entrepreneurship, marketing, and accounting, empowering individuals for diverse roles in the corporate world.

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Science & Technology

Science & Technology courses cover fields like AI, robotics, biotechnology, and data science, driving innovation and shaping the future of industries.

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Health & Psychology

Health & Psychology courses delve into wellness, mental health, counseling, and human behavior, fostering personal development and professional expertise in these fields.

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Rewa Training Institute planted its roots in 2010, with the goal of bringing technology closer to underserved communities and using it as a tool to improve their opportunities of livelihood. Rewa Training Institute introduces and elevates the levels of computer literacy among youth, helping them keep up with the newly digitised world. The programme provides the youth, children and women from economically weaker sections access to IT skills. It empowers them through digital literacy and job- oriented skill training, in courses, ranging from graphic design, accounting softwares, desktop Publishing, etc.

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